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Fed up with doing a number of great things in London and not having some sort of diary of them, I started this blog.

It’s going well and my love of London grows.

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The promo of the new Digital Scullery series of videos with some proper Greek recipes. Starring yours truly and my rock n roll mum.

Why not check out the playlist?

Digital Scullery

Videos in Greek and in English where yours trully and a number of glamorous assistants, cook food and create some mayhem.

Anti-stuffy and anti-gourmet.

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My (Greek) personal blog from 2004 and still going strong. General musings but also (by popular request) loads of advice on moving to Britain and sorting yourself out.

Can’t tell you how many great people I’ve met through this blog.

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The Hellmann’s Vids

Worked with Ogilvy Greece and Hellmann’s – presenting a series of web videos in Greek. It was such *amazing* fun! Here’s my blog post about it and here’s the YouTube channel.

I also had the pleasure of presenting the project and my experience of working with a big advertising company at the conference of the Greek Institute of Communications in 2012. The video is knocking about the interwebz somewhere.